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NEDRDB - Pronounced "nedder-deb"


What is a Wiki?

The term “wiki” comes from the Hawaiian phrase, “wiki wiki,” which means “super fast.”

A wiki is an online database of information that allows users to add and update content. Wikipedia is the most famous Wiki, but there are many others, such, and The Internet Movie Database (, just to name a few.

A Wiki is many things:

  • A way to gather information and knowledge about a subject
  • A site that can show all the ways that information interconnects
  • A place to build a community of likeminded people
  • A place of remembrance of the past
  • A means to let people know what is happening right now
  • A way to build for the future is intended to be a community resource and archive for the racers, fans, tracks, and related businesses that are involved in the sport of Drag Racing in the New England region.

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A Timeline of Drag Racing Activity in New England

Historical Final Points Standings

New England Hot Rod Hall Of Fame Inductees

List of Car Names

The Drag Strips

The Drag Racers

Lebanon Valley Dragway Racers

New England Dragway Racers

New Oxford Dragway Racers

Winterport Dragway Racers

Drag Racing Series and Clubs

Racing Series

Drag Racing Clubs

The Events

Lebanon Valley Dragway Events

New England Dragway Events

New Oxford Dragway Events

Winterport Dragway Events

Other Lists

NHRA Division 1 Racers

The Cars

Cars/Bikes Names

Competition Numbers

Exhibition & Specialty Vehicles

The Classes

Competition Classes

Photo Collections

Billy Anderson Collection

Bob Boudreau Collection

John Charbonneau Collection

Jeff Howe Collection

Christopher Wakeen Collection

Professional Photographers Web Collections

Online Videos of Drag Racing in New England

Doug Souza Video Collection

Drag Racing Reunions & Recognition

New England Hot Rod Hall Of Fame

The Orientals Hot Rod Club maintains the New England Hot Rod Hall of Fame
New England Hot Rod Hall Of Fame Inductees
Flyer for New England Hall Of Fame Nationals - July 26, 2020

The Orange Drag Strip Reunion

The Orange Drag Strip Reunion

The Dover Drag Strip Nostalgia Drags & Dover Reunion

Dover Drag Strip Reunion Facebook Page

Connecticut Dragway Reunion

Connecticut Dragway Reunion - June 22, 2020
23rd Annual Connecticut Dragway Reunion - 2014

Mid-Winter Hot Rod Drag Racing Nostalgia Fest

Mid-Winter Hot Rod Drag Racing Nostalgia Fest - Hudson, MA

Management & Support Staff


Photographers, Journalists, & Craftspeople

Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, Artworks, & Music

In Memoriam

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